Sourcing the finest rough diamonds is the first step in Vulcan’s personal loan today Art of Fancy. Extensive traveling coupled with vast know-how has led us to source our stones in Africa, Russia and Canada. We are committed to the Kimberly Process and only purchases conflict-free* diamonds that have undergone Kimberly’s rigorous system of internal controls, and are accompanied by a Kimberly million dollar loans Process certificate. A significant portion of our sourced diamonds undergo Vulcan’s exclusive Fancy Shape manufacturing process, with our highly skilled diamond cutters sculpting details tailored to individual client requests.  Remaining diamonds are sourced and polished by us in conjunction with other large, well known Fancy small loans online no credit check Shape diamond companies, with marketing and distribution handled by us.

Our sourcing doesn’t stop here. Always on the lookout for special stones suitable to the Vulcan lineup,  we have positioned buyers in important markets such as Israel, the U.S.,  Belgium, South Africa and India. The loans not payday loans bad credit combination of all our sourcing channels shape Vulcan’s position as the diamond boutique offering the finest Fancy Shapes on the market.
* Vulcan is a member of the WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses), abiding by all World Federation Code of Principles (WFCOP).

Sourcing & Cutting